Building in progress

  • Mixed-use complex on the Kashirskoe Highway

    An off-standard architectural concept, luxurious roof terrace with an ice skating rink, open cinema, tennis and basketball courts are only a few peculiarities making this project really interesting and expectable.

    The new multi-purpose complex combines luminous shopping galleries, and amusement center, a cinema with the Russian biggest IMAX cinema hall, a fitness center with its own terrace, author’s cafes and restaurants.

    The Complex is located in a picturesque area surrounded by an apple garden. The project combines the merits of easy walking accessibility for the district residents and the proximity to one of the largest traffic throughways of Moscow.


  • Kapitoliy Belyaevo
    GBA: 27 500 m2
    GLA: 8 600 m2
    Парковочных мест: 335
    Этажей: 2
    • Gross Building Area — 27 500 m2
    • Number of Floors — 2
    • Gross Leasable Area — 8 600 m2
    • Parking Lots — 335
    • Main Tenants — Auchan, L’Etoile, McDonald’s and others.
    • Annual Visitor Traffic — 8 000 000 people
    • Opened — in 2002

    The Shopping Center is situated on the intersection of Miklukho-Maklaya and Profsoyuznaya Streets, and in close vicinity to the Belyaevo Metro Station. Due to the considerable variety of tenants, wide array promotional activities and its convenient location, the Kapitoliy Belyaevo is extremely popular among district residents.

    Kapitoliy Belyaevo’s most frequent customers are the students from Moscow’s leading institutes and universities.

  • Kapitoliy Vernadskogo
    GBA: 114 100 m2
    GLA: 56 674 m2
    Парковочных мест: 1086
    Этажей: 4
    • Gross Building Area — 114 100 m2
    • Number of Floors — 4 (Shopping Center), including 1 underground level
    • Gross Leasable Area — 56 674 m2
    • Parking Lots — 1086
    • Main Tenants — Auchan, Technopark, World Class Fitness Club, Karo Film, Cosmic Entertainment Center, Mothercare, Victoria’s Secret, TGI Friday’s and others.
    • Annual Visitor Traffic — over 14 000 000 people
    • Opened in 2007

    This Multifunctional Shopping & Entertainment Center is situated on Prospekt Vernadskogo near the Universitet Metro Station. Its architecture deserves a special mentioning. The abundant appliance of glass makes the building seem voluminous and weightless at the same time. Effective floor planning in Kapitoliy Vernadskogo gives visitors an impression as if they were located on a vast open space.

    Large food-court and numerous restaurant alternatives offer cuisines from around the world.

    Besides retail area there is also a business center occupied by the offices of large Russian and foreign Companies.

  • Kapitoliy Maryina Roscha
    GBA: 32,698 m2
    GLA: 23,256 m2
    Парковочных мест: 750
    Этажей: 3
    • Gross Building Area — 32,698 m2
    • Number of Floors — 3
    • Gross Leasable Area — 23,256 m2
    • Parking Lots — 650
    • Main Tenants — Auchan, DNS, Karo Film, Pull&Bear, Zara, Mothercare and others.
    • Annual Visitor Traffic — over 5,500,000 people
    • Opened — in 1998

    Situated on Sheremetyevskaya Street, not far from the VDNH and Maryina Roscha Metro Stations, this Shopping Center has successfully blended with the district environment and infrastructure. The Shopping Center uses the advantage of its good transport accessibility; it can be easily reached both from Maryina Roscha and Ostankino districts as well as from the Third Ring Road.

    Kapitoliy Maryina Roscha definitely deserves to be called one of the most popular Shopping Centers in the district. Not surprisingly, the first multi-screen movie theater in Russia was opened in this Shopping Center.

  • Kapitoliy Orekhovo-Zuevo
    GBA: 22,097 m2
    GLA: 15,415 m2
    Парковочных мест: 350
    Этажей: 3
    • Gross Building Area —22,097 m2
    • Gross Leasable Area — 15,415 m2
    • Number of Floors — 3
    • Parking Lots — 350
    • Main Tenants — Auchan, Eldorado, Luxor movie theater, McDonalds and others.
    • Annual Visitor Traffic — over 6,500,000 people
    • Opened — in 2007

    Kapitoliy Orekhovo-Zuevo is a favorite shopping destination for local residents. In addition to a wide variety of brands, the Shopping Center offers numerous educational programs for children. The advantageous location on the river bank in the very heart of Orekhovo-Zuevo as well as its vicinity to the busiest parts of the town alongside with Kapitoliy’s children playground allow its visitors to combine shopping with family outing.

  • Kapitoliy Podolsk
    GBA: 16,049 m2
    GLA: 12,148 m2
    Парковочных мест: 200
    Этажей: 3
    • Gross Building Area —16,049 m2
    • Gross Leasable Area — 12,148 m2
    • Number of Floors — 3
    • Parking Lots — 200
    • Main Tenants — Auchan, Eldorado, Karo Film, L’Etoile.
    • Annual Visitor Traffic — over 4,500,000 people
    • Opened — in 2003

    Kapitoliy Podolsk is the most attractive shopping destination in town. Well known international brands like Burger King, Adidas and Samsonite as well as a large Eldorado electronics store and many others others are here at customers’ service.

  • «Kapitoliy» OUTLET
    GBA: 41,657 m2
    GLA: 20,621 m2
    Парковочных мест: 494
    Этажей: 3
    • Gross Building Area — 48 500 m2
    • Gross Leasable Area — 20 300 m2
    • Number of Floors— 3
    • Parking Lots — 500
    • Main Tenants — Auchan, MediaMarkt, Karo Film, Lady&Gentleman.
    • Annual Visitor Traffic — over 3 800 000 people
    • Opened in — 2004
    • Re-design — 2016 - 2017

    This Shopping Center in Primorsky district of St. Petersburg is located near the Pionerskaya Metro Station and in immediate proximity with an ample park.

    Spacious, modern and comfortable complex hosts over 50 shops and boutiques, numerous restaurants, cafes and various service shops.

  • Kapitoliy Sevastopolsky
    GBA: 55,493 m2
    GLA: 23,694 m2
    Парковочных мест: 496
    Этажей: 3
    • Gross Building Area — 55,493 m2
    • Gross Leasable Area — 23,694 m2
    • Number of Floors — 3
    • Parking Lots — 496
    • Main Tenants — Auchan, Technoprak, Karo Film, Cosmic Entertainment Center, Starbucks and others.
    • Annual Visitor Traffic — about 5,500,000 people
    • Opened — in 2004

    This Shopping Center is located on Sevastopolsky Prospekt avenue and is easily accessible from the Third Ring Road. Kapitoliy shuttle buses provide free of charge transportation services between the Shopping Center and Tulskaya Metro Station. On the other hand, customers with their own vehicles are welcome to a spacious and well-planned parking garage.

  • Kapitoliy Sergiev Posad
    GBA: 38 050 м2
    GLA: 25 086 м2
    Парковочных мест: 723
    Этажей: 3
    • Gross Building Area — 38 050 m2
    • Gross Leasable Area — 25 086 m2
    • Number of Floors — 3
    • Opened — 2014
    • Parking Lots — 723

    Kapitoliy — new family entertainment and shopping center in Sergiev Posad, Moscow region. Essentially new approach to the quality of the shopping center and a well-formed tenant mix will allow citizens to overcome the boundaries of everyday routine and combine shopping with leisure.

    Modern entertainment center, multiplex cinema and free open-air parking will give the citizens new opportunities of pastime and will make the project popular and unique for the city.

    «Kapitoliy» as one of the most significant centers of Sergiev Posad will take a part in the social life of the city on a regular basis, organizing public events and concerts for visitors of the shopping center and citizens of Sergiev Posad.

  • Kuntsevo Plaza
    GBA: 235 300 м2
    GLA: 62 600 м2
    Парковочных мест: 2028
    Этажей: 5
    • Gross Building Area — 235 000 m2
    • Shopping Mall Gross Leasable Area — 62 600 m2
    • Business Center Gross Leasable Area — 30 000 m2
    • Number of Floors — 6, including 1 underground floor
    • Annal Visitor Traffic — 20 000 000
    • Opened — 2014
    • Parking Lots — 2028

    Situated within Moscow, Russia, Kuntsevo Plaza is the latest ENKA TC redevelopment project of the first shopping mall in Moscow which was put in operation in 1997. It will deliver a modern community gathering destination rooted in art, nature, and urban connectivity. As a district historically preferred by artists and writers, Kuntsevo Plaza takes queues from the Russian Avant-garde art movement, incorporating intricate geometries and bold colors to create an iconic building composition inextricably linked to its host-place.

    Within the project, nature serves as the fundamental element to host unique visitor experiences. The notion of nature and the celebration of the four seasons draw visitors into the complex as an extension of the surrounding green spaces, resulting in a sense of public pride and ownership in the project. Once inside, the natural flow of the pedestrian streetscapes, plazas, courtyards and spectacular indoor/outdoor green park terraces will create a sense of discovery and public exploration.

    Equally important is the project’s role for local residents as a key urban connector within the Kuntsevo neighborhood. Driven by its axial relationship to the adjacent State Aviation Technology University, the road and pedestrian connections approaching from the metro station, sightlines and view opportunities, the project’s key planning strategies are based on the relationship of the building to the existing surrounding urban patterns. This circulation and strategic layout allow the community to naturally flow through the project, seamlessly connecting commuters and visitors arriving from the nearby subway to the northeast, to the residential neighborhoods on the southwest side of the development.

    In October 2012 ENKA TC has been deemed worthy of “Cityscape Future Retail Award in Emerging Markets” at the International Conference for Global Real Estate held in Dubai for Kuntsevo Plaza Project. The Award ceremony in which 36 nominee projects from 13 different countries are at the showcase took place in the “Burj Khalifa”, the tallest building of the world located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

  • Kapitoliy Leningradskiy
    GBA: 72,006 m2
    GLA: 34,624 m2
    Парковочных мест: 920
    Этажей: 3
    • Gross Building Area — 72,006 m2
    • Gross Leasable Area — 34,624 m2
    • Main Tenants — Auchan, MediaMarkt, Castorama DIY Hypermarket, IMAX with the biggest screen in Moscow, Samsung, Cropp Town, Mothercare, Starbucks.
    • Annual Visitor Traffic — about 6,000,000 people
    • Opened in 2002 Extensively renovated in 2012

    Kapitoliy Leningradsky is conveniently situated on the crossing of MKAD Ring Road and Leningradskoe Shosse, and can be easily accessed from both of these major city arteries. Shuttle buses providing a free transportation between Rechnoy Vokzal Metro Station and the Shopping Center. Due to its location Shopping Center is widely popular among residents in the nearby districts and territories, whereas the biggest Moscow’s IMAX screen attracts moviegoers from all over the city.

    In 2012 Kapitoliy Leningradsky was extensively refurbished and during the process the interior design and tenant mix were completely renewed.