In 2005 the Russian Commercial Real Estate Committee honored two of the biggest Kapitoliy Shopping Centers (Kapitoliy Kashirskoe and Kapitoliy Maryina Roshcha) with the Best Shopping Center award.

In 2006 Kapitoliy Udelny Park received the regional prize “The Best Shopping Center In St. Petersburg”, and in 2007 Kapitoliy Vernadskogo won a professional prize from Commercial Real Estate Moscow Awards in the nomination “Large Shopping Center”.

Mayor of Moscow awarded Kapitoliy Sevastopolsky with “The Most Comfortable Shopping Center in South-West Administrative District” title.

In 2012 Kapitoliy Vernadskogo, Kapitoliy Leningradsky and Kapitoliy Maryina Roscha entered the top hundred of the best Shopping Centers in Russia according to the Managers and Developers Guild.

In October 2012 ENKA TC has received a prestigious Cityscape Global Real Estate Conference for Emerging Markets award in category “Best Retail Project Future” for Kuntsevo redevelopment project among other 36 contenders from 13 different countries.

Kapitoliy Vernadskogo Shopping Center was acknowledged the winner of the Contest “The Best Realized Investments and Construction Project of 2012” in the “Retail Outlet” nomination.

The Best Shopping Center

Kapitoliy Kashirskoe, 2005

The Best Shopping Center

Kapitoliy Maryina Roshcha, 2005

Commercial Estate Awards

Kapitoliy Vernadskogo, 2007

The Best SC In St. Petersburg

Kapitoliy Pionerski, 2006

The Most Comfortable SC

Kapitoliy Sevastopolsky, 2009

Cityscape Awards

Kuntsevo Plaza, 2012

Retail and Leisure International

Kuntsevo Plaza 2016

European Property Award

Kuntsevo Plaza 2016

European Property Awards 2018

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