Grand Opening Ceremony of Kuntsevo Plaza Multi-Purpose Complex Has Been Held

According to the tradition, the festivities began with an augural address of the distinguished guests and a red tape stripping ceremony, which was attended by Mara Khusnullin, Deputy Mayor of Moscow on Town Planning and Construction,Umit Yardim, Ambassador of the Turkish Republic in Russia, as well as the first persons of ENKA Company owning Kuntsevo Plaza Multi-Purpose Complex –Mehmet Tara, President of ENKA Group of Companies, and Murat Duran, General Director of ENKA TC LLC.

In his welcoming speech, Marat Khusnullin congratulated the audience on behalf of Sergey Sobyanin, Mayor of Moscow, on the opening of a new complex and called the project of ENKA Company very important for the development of the western district of the capital. “Today the city has received a wonderful project for 2,000 parking stalls located close to Molodezhnaya metro station. And it is significant since ENKA Company has invested not only into retail development and creation of approximately 5,000 workingplaces, but also into the district infrastructure development. “We are planning an extension of the northwest chord and soon there will be here an excellent highway connecting the northern and the western parts of the city”, Marat Khunsnullin has pointed out emphasizing that a special merit of the social and business center is the availability of a large number of exhibition spaces. “This project is a shining example of the evolution of Moscow – from the first Moscow hypermarket with an area of 20 thousandsq. m built by ENKA Company 18 years ago, to the state-of-the-art multi-purpose complex, by dozens of times exceeding the area of its predecessor. Due to such collaboration, the city has acquired long-term partners presented by ENKA Company”, the Deputy Mayor has added.

Umit Yardim, Ambassador of the Turkish Republic in Russia: «The today’s opening of Kuntsevo Plaza Complex is an evidence of the deep and durable relations between Russia and Turkey, and I am sure that they will only gain strength and become more developed in the future. It is important to note that the worthiest representatives of the Turkish business famous not only in Russia and Turkey but also in other countries took part increation of this project. Apart from the construction and power engineering, ENKA Company also implements social and cultural projects very important for our countries. I wish this Complex to become a landmark project in Moscow development”.

Murat Duran, General Director of ENKA TC LLC, has stated that Kuntsevo Plaza is very important for the Company because it was here where 18 years ago the first Russian multi-purpose shopping complex with a food hypermarket, which became very sought-after by Muscovites and visitors to the capital, was opened. “In spite of the successful operation of the Complex, we made a decision to demolish it since the building proper became morally obsolete and did not any longer meet the expectations and needs of the customers. And it’s exactly in this place where we are opening today a multi-purpose center constructed in a Russian avant-garde style. We are proud that Kuntsevo Plaza is not limited to the retail area. The Complex also combines a business component, amusements, sports, and art. It is exactly a multi-purposelife style center – a location, which will fit into areas of life of the Muscovites, will become a landmark center for the business environment, as well as for the cultural life of the city. It took 3.5 years to construct Kuntsevo Plaza. To create it, use was made of the funds of ENKA Group of Companies exceeding 500mln. dollars”, the Head of ENKA TC Company has summed up.

Upon the symbolic tape stripping ceremony, a two-day concert marathon was commenced. More than 80 thousand people came to Kuntsevo Plaza to have rest and to enjoy the performances of their favorite entertainers – Egor Kryd, Glukoza,Stas Piekha, групп «Moral Code and Soprano Touretskogo bands, finalists of Golos Project and the Safronov bothers. The program was hosted by Anzhelika Agourbash, Igor Vernik and Anna Semenovich.

Besides, Kuntsevo Plaza has managed to achieve a record and to enter the Guinness Book of World Records™.On October 4, the official representatives of the Guinness Book of Records established a record – the largest picture in the world made of palm prints.Its width amounts to 24 m, and the height – to 2.5 m. It depicts the outlines of the most recognizable buildings of the capital – St. Basil’s Cathedral, MGU (Moscow State University), Music Center and others. 11,037 people have taken part in the creation of the picture. By so doing, Kuntsevo Plaza has exceeded in terms of quantity, the participants of the previous record-breaker, when the picture “was painted” by the palms of slightly more than 8,700 people. Special guests of the record-setting opening are the tallest man in the world Sultan Koesen and the lowest woman in the world Gioti Amge – have also left their palm prints.

Kuntsevo Plaza is a multi-purpose complex recently opened in the west of the capital, which is located in 500 m from Molodezhnaya metro station (Yartsevskaya Str., h. 19), close to Roublevskoye and Mozhaiskoyeshosse. It is a complex uncommon for Moscow in its architecture and concept in the lifestyle format with spaces for work, leisure, sports, comfortable shopping and entertainments. An important part here is assigned to art-spaces – that is conceptual, exhibition pavilions, in which exhibitions, artistic vernissages, concerts of famous musicians are held.

The total area of the project amounts to 235 thousand sq. m, of which 111 thousand sq. m fall at the above-surface part, and 124 thousand sq. m – at the underground part. The total area of the five-floor shopping and entertainment center is 110 thousand sq. m. The leasable area of the retail premises amounts to 62 thousand sq. m. The planned traffic by 2016 is 45 thousand people per day.

The structure of the Multi-Purpose Complex includes a business center of a variable number of floors (16-17 floors) with an area of 42 thousand sq. m, of which 29 thousand sq. m are accountable for the leasable office area, as well as an underground car park for 2,028 parking stalls with an area of 68 thousand sq. m.

The total volume of the investments in the project construction has amounted to approximately 500 mln. dollars.

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