Kuntsevo Plaza Has Taken Part in Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia

The Russian avant-garde has become the basis for the Kuntsevo Plaza Multi-Purpose Complex’ creative architectural concept developed by Jerde Partnership Architectural Bureau. It’s in this stylistics, in which the stand of KuntsevoPlaza was made for Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia: broken lines inspired by Constructivism, complex geometric figures of various forms flowing into each other, and three multidirectional columns – the symbol of Kuntsevo Plaza – crowning and uniting the entire ensemble. The outline of this objet d’art repeated the architectural outlines of Kuntsevo Plaza and in its coloristic concept closely echoed the creative experiments of the artists of the beginning of XX century.

In the evening of October 24, Kuntsevo Plazaobjet d’art found itself in the focus of attention of the customers related to running of a special. A dancing flashmob, which proved to be absolutely unexpected for all guests, for the first time took place in MBFW Russia. The dancers wearing dark clothes suddenly withdrew from the main stream of the customers, and started forming various figures to a rhythmical music from the lounge bar. The participants of the special completed their performance with the overall selfie shot at the stand of Kuntsevo Plaza, and then they disappeared as suddenly as they appeared. The audience followed what was happening curiously, and some of the guests did not hesitate to make company to the dancers. The most active participant received as a gift a certificate of Maje – a French brand represented in Kuntsevo Plaza.