Russia in VOGUE Exhibition in Kuntsevo Plaza

Russia in VOGUE exhibition continuing the series of smashing Dance in VOGUE and Nude in VOGUE projects, was held all June in new Kuntsevo Plaza Multi-Purpose Complex supported by Multimedia Art Museum, Moscow. During the month, the visitors of the Complex were able to get themselves familiar with the recognized world photo collection masterpieces showing the Russian influence on Voguе style and the world fashion history.

The exhibition represents the best photos made in the fifteen-year-old history of the Russian VOGUE: fashion photography inspired by Russia and unique photo spread made by the great camera men in the USSR, when it was separated from the rest of the world by the “Iron Curtain”. In the photos from Russia in VOGUE project, the viewer will see the world triumph of the Russian super-models, the Russian artists’ and fashion designers’ art works published on the pages of the international VOGUE editions and designer collections created under the Russian influence, like the famous Russian Seasons by Yves Saint-Laurent.

It was not by chance that Kuntsevo Plaza Multi-Purpose Complex was chosen by Multimedia Museum as a site for the legendary exhibition. The unique Complex architecture inspired by the Russian avant-garde ideas, natural lighting and the availability of the global fashion brands facilitate the visitors to take a dive into the haute couture world and to look at Russia in VOGUE exhibition from a new angle.

Additional Information

Kuntsevo Plaza Multi-Purpose Complex is an embodiment of more than 20-year experience of ENKA TC Group of Companies in development and real estate management in Russia. The Complex design combines and up-to-date approach to the space solution, application of the “green technologies” and a unique architectural concept referring to the Russian avant-garde style.

Exclusive for the Russian market is the Multi-Purpose Complex’ design permitting the tenants to show their worth and to turn into reality customized, nonstandard solutions — from the inimitable shop window designs to the multi-level terraces.

Th architectural concept is developed by Jerde Partnership, an American bureau, the portfolio of which contains as follows: Mall of America in Minnesota, Bellagio in Las Vegas, Santa Monica Place in California, Kanyon in Istanbul, Zloty Tarasy in Warsaw and many other landmark projects. The consultant on the concept and the functional zoning was MXD Development Strategists, a Canadian company.

The five-level shopping complex includes more than 250 stores, including the unique concepts of the leading international brands, a five-level cinema, a double-level supermarket and a fitness center.

Multimedia Art Museum, Moscow (МАММ) / Moscow Photography House is a museum-exhibition complex and the first Russian museum specializing in photography. It was established in 1996 by Moscow Government on initiative of Olga Sviblova who became the Director of Moscow Photography House.

In the recent years, Multimedia Art Museum has arranged and accepted existing projects of more than 1,500 Russian and foreign photo exhibitions in Moscow, Russian regions, countries of the near abroad, among which there are exhibitions of the following experts of Russian and foreign photography: Alexander Rodchenko, Georgy Petrusov, Max Penson, Dmitry Baltermants, Anatoly Egorov, Vsevolod Tarasevich, Helmut Newton, Henri Cartier-Bresson, Brassaï, Nobuyoshi Araki, Annie Leibovitz, Nan Goldin and many others.

Once in two years (in even-numbered years), MAMM conducts months of photography in Moscow — Photo Biennale. In odd-numbered years, at the same time, another biennale – Fashion and Style in Photography Festival – is conducted.

The holdings of Moscow Photography House Museum currently account for more than 80 thousand of original prints and negatives. The MAMM collection includes art works of the following famous Russian camera men: Alexander Grinberg, Max Penson, Yury Eremin, Ivan Shagin, Anatoly Egorov, Dmitry Baltermants and others.

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