"Give The Love" an Andrei Bartenev exhibition in Kuntsevo Plaza

An offbeat Russian artist, an expert of spectacular performances, an Honorary member of the Russian Academy of Arts and the Academy of Fools of Vyacheslav Polunin, on May 28, 2016, Andrey Bartenev filled the space of Kuntsevo Plaza Multi-Purpose Center with his bright characters. For several months, Bartenev’s sculptures will beautify the public areas of the Center.

On the opening day, an «eccentric promenade” under the most promising name “Buy me at once!” took place. As the author himself says: “The paths of love are unexplored. But it is well known, what causes a flush of feelings - cats, elephants, mother, home, money – we will send our audience on a journey to explore the feeling of love!”

In Kuntsevo Plaza Complex, Andrey Bartenev exposed, by means of art, the subject of the hedonistic foundation of the entertainments of the up-to-date consumption society – uniting in a bright visual imagery and semantics such notions as: Coziness, Well-Being, Love, Luck and Peace. Within the framework of a performance, actors wearing outfits of “happy money” and flowers, stalked along different floors of Kuntsevo Plaza, calling at the stores and hugging the spectators, and politely answered: “HOW MUCH SHALL I WEIGH OUT?” to the shouts of especially impatient persons: “GIVE THE LOVE!”

The halls and open spaces of the Complex were decorated with the sculptures, each of which had a semantic context: for example, a huge cat symbolized coziness, elephant – well-being, white bear - peace, a girl’s face became a symbol of love for a beloved woman - mother, and money – a symbol of luck. “It has so happened that money has turned into a quantitative designation of success. Together with you, we have built a wave of money,” the artist said during a personal tour of the exhibits. - “Touch it for luck! And luck will fall jingling into your pockets!” For the exhibition, co-authored by Patrick K.-Х., Andrey also filmed a movie “Give the Love!”, which was shown on the huge wall of the fourth floor of the Complex.

The works created by Bartenev will be displayed in the spaces of the Multi-Purpose Complex for two months, to June 28, turning coming into the Shopping Center into a secular and creative event, in which the modern art and unique architecture of the Shopping Complex, a fancy-ball and haute couture, cultural leisure and high-quality shopping will be intertwined.

By his education Andrey Bartenev is a stage director to the equal extent combining in his creative work the work of the artist and a circus clown. Bartenev’s costumes and decorations are frequently compared to the images of Russian futurists, with the avant-garde theatre. In the environment of Kuntsevo Plaza Multi-Purpose Complex, this comparison promises to look especially to the point; in fact, here the mere architecture of the Shopping Center conceptually looks up to the indigenous and expressive language of the Russian avant-garde: it’s exactly it that is referred to by the broken lines of the facades, complex geometry of the interior galleries and rich colour palette. Production Director of the Project: Julia Bychkova.

The maitre has recently celebrated his 50th anniversary, and in his jubilee year, two large personal exhibits were held at one dash: in Moscow Museum of Modern Art in Gogolevsky Blvd. and in RuArts gallery, which induced a strong interest to the bright style of the maitre.