Kapitoliy Leningradsky 15th Anniversary

The first floor of the complex, where the grand birthday party was held, was flooded with hundreds of guests. And all of them were struck by the beauty of the hall decorated to suit the celebration. Huge glowing balls under the ceiling, a beautiful fire-tree and a lot of garlands filled the space with the feeling of a festive fairy-tale and Christmas coziness. For guests and participants of the drawing, a whole performance was organized.

An effective beginning of the wonderful holiday were variety dances. The set mood was perfectly supported by the dizzying light and pixel gyroscooter show.

Then the audience was pleased with the performance of the brilliant Sati Kazanova. The singer performed songs in her native Kabardian, Indian and Russian languages. Almost the whole audience joined in singing the bright hit "Jimi-Jimi".

The real peak of the program was the performance of aerial gymnasts. The guests were delighted to watch the professional circus artists to performer exciting tricks on elastic canvases high in the sky.

The celebration ended with a fabulous snow show with an interactive program. A snowfall of silvery confetti, paper snowdrifts and giant balloons made even adults dance and fool around! Needles to say about the small spectators.

It was not, certainly, only the shopping and show that attracted the customers into Kapitoliy on that day — the breaks between the performances were taken by a prize drawing. The fate of wonderful gifts was decided by the lottery and interesting intellectual contests.

  • Canon 1300D camera was received by Yekaterina Mayantseva. She was more original than the other participants in answering the question: “What is Kapitoliy like”?»
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 tablet as won by Zoya Balabekyan. She enumerated most of all stores in the Shopping Center and left behind the remaining four participants of this contest stage.
  • Samsung LED TV set was won by Alfiya Ablyazova, who successfully answered the tricky questions about the Kapitoliy area and its opening date.
  • Samsung Galaxy S8 Smartphone was gained by Anastasiya Moshkovaya — she outperformed her competitors in a quiz.
  • The holder of the trip certificate with the cost of 100, 000 Roubles was рублей стала Olga Damashina, who learned more anthems of different countries than the other participants.
  • Several guests of the celebration received incentive gifts from the partners of the Shopping Center.

    The enchanting and emotionally intense action was, certainly, set, when the main prize - the Volkswagen Passat – was drawn. Father Frost appeared on the stage, in his sack there were 5 keys: one of them was real, and the rest - dummies. The lottery drum identified five potential lucky ones. They picked up the keys by turn. The one who got the real one, proved to be the winner.

    The long-wished-for key got in Alexander Shmakov’s hands. The certificate of a huge size (how else can it be — it was a great piece of luck) was delivered to him by Ibrahim Ozturk, Director of Kapitoliy Shopping Center. The whole family of the winner was happy with the generous gift of fate and the Shopping Center. The daughter fell upon her father's neck, and the happy wife of the newly-minted car owner also hurried to express her delight.

    Let's say confidently that the birthday party was a success. The vibrant show, wonderful prizes and high spirits - the 15th anniversary of Kapitoliy will be best remembered for all of it for a long time!