Winter fairy tale in Kuntsevo Plaza

Last Saturday, on December 26, 2015, a New Year show was held in Kuntsevo Plaza with participation of the singer Nyusha and Todes ballet. The popular melodies sung by the young pop star and vivid dances of the ballet performers gave the guests of Kuntsevo Plaza many positive emotions creating a festive mood and an atmosphere of the coming miracle. The Winter Tale gave a smile of fortune to some lucky ones – some of them received the most modern LED-TV sets Samsung, others are planning to travel – either anticipating a romantic journey on board of a cruise liner or driving their own brand-new Mercedes.

The festive concert was opened by the welcoming speech of the presenters – Olga Danko and Vladimir Starozhil, who charged the guests of the complex with their unresting energy during the entire celebration. The performances of Todes dance group, the artists of which presented their most famous compositions – Men in Black and Jackson, interspersed with the drawings of the prizes and certificates from the fashion clothes, shoes, accessories, home goods stores, cosmetic trademarks boutiques, cafes and restaurants, jewelry stores, etc. situated in Kuntsevo Plaza. Among the trademarks, which provided gifts for holding the lottery, there are LoriBlu, Weekend by MaxMara, Cop Copine, еcodemica, Buff, Togas, YvesRocher, TonyMoly, Adamas,ArtDiamond, Космик, Upside Down Cake, Tanuki, Coffee cantata, Bed for pet, Nikko, МОНЕ. Considerable discounts – from 30 to 70% - were valid on that day practically in all stores of Kuntsevo Plaza.

The headliner of the festive concert was the singer Nyusha, a Russian pop star, who walked out on the stage at the culmination point of the night to the deafening applause. She sang about a dozen of her most famous hits, among which there are “Vybirat chudo” («Выбиратьчудо»), “Vospominaniye” («Воспоминание»), “Gde ty, tam ya” («Гдеты, тамя»), “Tolko” («Только»), “Naedine” («Наедине»), “Tsunami” («Цунами»), “Vyshe” («Выше»). Nyusha’s attire was in the style of her lively songs. A clinging light-grey dress with a showy low neck, lace and gauzy insertions was supplemented with the currently fashionable fringe fluttering in the air flows of the wind generator and by doing so making the scenic image of the singer more violent and lighter.

At that night, the complex became not only an entertainment pop ground but also the place, where dreams and dearest wishes made on the eve of the New Year come true. At the open lottery in the final part of The Winter Tale action, a really fabulous miracle happened – a gold jewelry bought the day before by a customer of the complex as a New Year gift for his wife in one of the jewelry stores represented in Kuntsevo Plaza, “turned” into a luxurious snow-white E-class Mercedes-Ben. Meanwhile, the winner had to worry, there were several other claimants of the car before him, who also walked out on the scene to try their luck, but who finally left with the consolation prizes – gift certificates provided by the action partners. Also three LED TV sets Samsung and a sea cruise for two persons found their lucky owners. In general, almost one hundred people received valuable prizes and gift certificates from the stores located in Kuntsevo Plaza.

To take part in The Winter Tale, it was necessary to purchase in the stores of Kuntsevo Plaza (except for Auchan Hypermarket) for an amount of at least 5,000 Roubles, to present the check on the purchase day at the action registration stand, to fill in the questionnaire and to drop the detachable section of the coupon into the special box. The action was conducted from November 16 to December 26, 2015. More than 4,000 coupons took part in the lottery.