Kuntsevo Plaza

Gross Building Area — 235 200 m2

Shopping Mall Gross Leasable Area — 62 600 m2

Business Center Gross Leasable Area — 29 100 m2

Number of Floors — 5 retail floors and 5 underground parking levels

Annal Visitor Traffic — 20 000 000

Opened — 2014

Parking Lots — 2028

Situated within Moscow, Russia, Kuntsevo Plaza is the latest ENKA TC redevelopment project of the first shopping mall in Moscow which was put in operation in 1997. It will deliver a modern community gathering destination rooted in art, nature, and urban connectivity. As a district historically preferred by artists and writers, Kuntsevo Plaza takes queues from the Russian Avant-garde art movement, incorporating intricate geometries and bold colors to create an iconic building composition inextricably linked to its host-place.

Within the project, nature serves as the fundamental element to host unique visitor experiences. The notion of nature and the celebration of the four seasons draw visitors into the complex as an extension of the surrounding green spaces, resulting in a sense of public pride and ownership in the project. Once inside, the natural flow of the pedestrian streetscapes, plazas, courtyards and spectacular indoor/outdoor green park terraces will create a sense of discovery and public exploration.

Equally important is the project’s role for local residents as a key urban connector within the Kuntsevo neighborhood. Driven by its axial relationship to the adjacent State Aviation Technology University, the road and pedestrian connections approaching from the metro station, sightlines and view opportunities, the project’s key planning strategies are based on the relationship of the building to the existing surrounding urban patterns. This circulation and strategic layout allow the community to naturally flow through the project, seamlessly connecting commuters and visitors arriving from the nearby subway to the northeast, to the residential neighborhoods on the southwest side of the development.

In October 2012 ENKA TC has been deemed worthy of “Cityscape Future Retail Award in Emerging Markets” at the International Conference for Global Real Estate held in Dubai for Kuntsevo Plaza Project. The Award ceremony in which 36 nominee projects from 13 different countries are at the showcase took place in the “Burj Khalifa”, the tallest building of the world located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.