One of the overall objectives of ENKA TC LLC is stable development in commercial
real estate area and extension of its development portfolio.

To meet this objective, the company regularly invests into maintaining of the
competitiveness of the ongoing objects (interior re-planning of the existing shopping
centers, renovation, and extension of the shopping malls), as well as search of new
high-quality projects:

Land plots for construction of shopping centers and multi-functional complexes with
a premium location and available infrastructure.
Construction-in-progress objects (shopping centers and multi-functional complexes).
Stable investment projects of operating high-quality shopping centers, offices and
multi-functional complexes.
Investment offers in commercial real estate area (offices, apartments, abandoned
buildings to be demolished and constructed, etc).
ENKA TC LLC is always open for collaboration. Our specialists will be glad to consider
offers with a full package of the available information.