ENKA TC LLC (further – ENKA TC) quality policy is based on providing high-quality services in the field of commercial real estate that meet the expectations of customers, and requirements of the standards related to the company activities.

For the purpose of the Quality Policy implementation, ENKA TC management commits to:

1. Regularly analyze external and internal factors determined within the company's context, that affect its ability to achieve the intended objectives in the framework of ensuring the company's sustainable development;

2. Identify all parties having an influence on the activities of ENKA TC, define the expectations of interested parties and strive to meet them;

3. Set long-term and annual development targets that comply with the requirements and expectations of interested parties;

4. Apply process and system approaches in the company's activities in order to increase the transparency of activities, establish relations between processes and divisions of the company, enhance the awareness of employees of their roles and responsibilities in reaching the targets of the organization;

5. Identify and ensure availability of the necessary resources to achieve the targets and effectively run the company's processes. Apply innovative methods to ensure the progressive development of the company;

6. Identify risks that may affect the company's strategy and objectives, market position and ability to meet customer needs, and manage these risks in order to reduce their negative impact and enhance the positive influence;

7. Identify customer needs and regularly evaluate the level of customer satisfaction with ENKA TC services, put effort in raising it permanently;

8. Establish comfortable working conditions for the employees as the company’s main resource, provide opportunities for professional and career development, maintain the company's corporate culture;

9. Maintain and continually improve the company’s quality management system according to ISO 9001:2015 requirements on the basis of an overall understanding of the Quality Policy by all employees.